Courgette and ricotta cake


I tried out a new recipe yesterday – a courgette and ricotta cake made with gluten-free flour and polenta. The green flecks in the sponge are grated courgette and thyme leaves, while the cake is topped with lemon juice, grated lime zest and thyme leaves. The polenta gives the cake a crunchy texture. This cake will definitely be going onto my list of those to make again.


Getting professional advice


A little while ago, a friend asked if he could photograph my business for a college project.

He spent the day watching me making a cake, flapjacks and chutney, and taking pictures of the preserves I had already made. I will be adding these to my blogs over the coming months.

It was fascinating watching him at work, getting the lighting just right and making the foods I had made look appetising. I especially like the selection of jars – who would have guessed that jams, jellies and chutneys could look so good!

If you want to see other examples of his work, please have a look at