About me

I have always enjoyed baking, starting young with the usual cakes and biscuits then experimenting with flavours and ingredients. Growing up, we had an old oil fired Aga which was surprisingly good at baking cakes, although it was impossible to control the temperature. I have had a Rayburn (better temperature control) for the last 26 years and I love baking in it. The only problem is that you can’t smell when something in the oven is burning!

As my family became more independent, I found more time to return to my culinary exploits and I have made cakes and preserves for friends for a few years.

I have successfully completed a course – Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for catering – and my kitchen is registered with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council with a Very Good (5) Food Hygiene rating.

All the foods I put on my website and talk about in the blog are available to buy. Most will be made to order but preserves will be made in batches when the ingredients are in season. Occasionally, I will sell at local fairs and markets.

I hope you will come back regularly to see what new foods have been added and contact me with your orders.


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