All the foods that I make are available to buy. Some products are limited as the ingredients are only available at specific times of year. Christmas products will generally be available from November until mid-December but some can be made at other times of the year.

Cakes and biscuits are made individually to order. Some can be ready the next day but others need longer to prepare – for example, the rich fruit cake needs at least 3 days notice as the dried fruits need to be soaked in brandy for at least 24 hours before the cake can be baked.

Orders will be accepted by phone (07787 963896) or email ( but they are only confirmed when I reply to you.

Orders can be collected by arrangement from Southborough. I can deliver to addresses within a 10 mile radius for £5.00 per delivery.

Cakes (8″ round)

  • £15.00 Victoria sponge 3 layer with buttercream icing and strawberry jam
  • £15.00 Lemon drizzle cake
  • £15.00 Coffee and walnut cake 3 layer with buttercream and glacé icing
  • £15.00 Jaffa cake with Seville orange marmalade and dark chocolate ganache
  • £16.00 Cherry Bakewell cake 3 layer almond sponge with cherry jam and glacé icing
  • £18.00 Banana maple syrup and pecan ring with caramel topping and buttercream icing
  • £20.00 Carrot cake 3 layer with mascarpone and orange icing
  • £20.00 Honey roast parsnip cake 3 layer with mascarpone and honey icing
  • £20.00 Blueberry and lemon cake 3 layer with lemon buttercream icing
  • £20.00 White chocolate and raspberry cake 3 layer with white chocolate and mascarpone icing
  • £20.00 Peach and vanilla cake 3 layer with peach and mascarpone icing
  • £20.00 Lemon and poppy seed Madeira cake with lemon glacé icing
  • £20.00 Dundee cake with dried fruit and almonds
  • £20.00 Apricot almond and orange cake – gluten free, no added sugar
  • £20.00 Chocolate fudge cake 3 layer with chocolate buttercream icing – gluten free
  • £22.00 Courgette cocoa and pistachio cake 3 layer with chocolate buttercream icing – gluten free
  • £22.00 Lemon poppy seed and Earl Grey cake 4 layer with lemon buttercream icing


  •  £4.00 Spiced cranberry and almond biscotti – 150g bag
  •  £2.50 Thyme oatcakes – 20 oatcakes
  •  £2.50 Seeded biscuits – 90g bag
  •  £2.50 Oat and walnut biscuits – 160g bag



  •  £3.00 Spiced damson chutney (190g)
  •  £4.00 Spiced damson chutney (300g)
  •  £4.00 Apricot apple and hazelnut chutney (300g)
  •  £4.00 Pumpkin and raisin chutney (300g)
  •  £4.00 Pumpkin plum and apple chutney (300g)
  •  £4.00 Apple and sultana chutney (300g)
  •  £4.00 Spiced gooseberry chutney (300g)
  • £4.00 Rhubarb and coriander chutney (300g)

Jellies and compôtes

  •  £3.00 Cranberry  and orange compôte (190g)
  •  £3.00 Spiced redcurrant jelly (190g)
  •  £3.00 Apple and mint jelly (190g)


  •  £4.00 Victoria plum jam (320g)
  •  £4.00 Raspberry jam (320g)
  •  £2.50 Bramble jelly (190g)


  •  £4.00 Seville orange marmalade
  •  £4.00 Lime marmalade (300g)


Prices will be updated and placed here in September


  •  £4.00 Smoked paprika almonds – 150g bag

All prices correct as at June 2018


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