Savoury muffins


Today I though I’d make some savoury muffins – these are good to have in the freezer to add to packed lunches for school. They would also be great with salad for my lunch at home or on the move. These were made with sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese but I will be trying other combinations over the coming weeks using olives, goats cheese, raisins, nuts and seeds.



Spiced damson chutney



In September, I always go damson picking. Unfortunately, I don’t have a big garden but there are fruit farms nearby where you can pick as many as you want. I started making this damson chutney a couple of years ago and it is very popular. It is spicy and goes excellently with cold meats and cheeses. Try it with a Wensleydale cheese – delicious! I have supplied it to South Downs Cellars for inclusion in some of their Christmas hampers.

It contains damsons, apples, onions and raisins as well as the vinegar, sugar and spices. It keeps well in the fridge after opening.

Fruit loaf cake


I first used this recipe when I was about 8 or 9 years old and it was in a book that I was given for my birthday called ‘How to do baking’. It has been a favourite ever since – the fat is rubbed in to the flour making the cake a more crumbly texture. Over the years I have altered the ingredients slightly – this one is made with light soft brown sugar, sultanas, dried apricots and dried pears as that was what I happened to have in the larder. It keeps well, although with hungry mouths to feed after school it is usually eaten quickly!


Fig and pear loaf cake



This loaf cake needs a little extra time to prepare as the fruit is soaked overnight in tea and orange juice. This makes the finished cake deliciously moist. It contains dried pears, figs and sultanas giving it an interesting texture as well as being full of flavour. It is another family favourite especially as an after school treat.