New chutney recipes

This week, I have tried making a new chutney with rhubarb, flavoured with coriander and curry powder. It looks delicious but needs to mature for a month before tasting! Making chutneys is always a time consuming task, not just with the long slow cooking but also allowing it time to mature in a cool, dark place. If you are tempted to taste it too soon, it can be too vinegary or too spicy. However, after a month or two (depending on the recipe) the flavours have mellowed and the chutney is ready.

I delivered a batch to Southborough Butchers last week which were made in January but which are now ready to eat. If you are local to Southborough, they have 4 variations available as well as my apple and chilli jelly :

  • Apricot apple and hazelnut
  • Plum pear and apple with chilli
  • Pear and apple
  • Spiced damson

All these chutneys go well with cheese, cold meats, sausages and even with curries. We have also used the spiced damson chutney as a sauce for pan fried duck breast and as a gravy enhancer.

If the rhubarb chutney passes its taste test, I will make more and market it. Watch this space!